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T&C-AI Concierge

The Regal Managers Concierge/AI chatbot (hereafter “RMC”) is provided as a convenience to guests and constitutes non-binding information only. Regal Managers makes no guarantees, warranties, implied or not, nor representations whatsoever regarding the design, function, or use of the RMC.

This disclaimer is intended to inform and warn users of the limitations and usage guidelines of the RMC. Your acceptance of this disclaimer is implied by the use of the RMC. The chatbot provides automated responses generated by machine-learning algorithms that were carefully trained with relevant information for your stay. While the chatbot was trained to provide accurate and relevant information, the accuracy, relevancy, or completeness of the responses is not guaranteed nor implied. If you have concerns about using the RMC, please contact us via any relevant channel, e-mail or phone call. By using the RMC you agree to these terms and conditions:
1. The RMC is intended to provide access to information related to your stay as a guest and is not a substitute for contacting us via other means that involve a human expert from our company.
2. The RMC and its responses are intended for informational purposes only and it will at times provide faulty, incomplete or incorrect information or suffer from hallucinations.
3. The RMC responses may not be factual and must not be trusted.
4. Different user prompts create RMC responses that can vary widely in quality, relevancy or utility. As such, users are solely responsible for the responses they get.
5. Users are wholly responsible for fact-checking prompted outputs before using or sharing them.
6. The RMC creators, its service providers, or agents are not responsible or liable for any decisions, actions, damages, or losses incurred as a result of using any and all RMC responses.
7. Users indemnify and hold harmless the RMC creators, chatbot service providers, or their human agents against any and all harm.
8. Users must not enter any confidential, personal, or sensitive information into the chat prompt. Users of the RMC bear sole responsibility for their interactions with the chatbot and their use or reliance on the information provided.
9. Every time a user interacts with the chatbot, the user prompt, the RMC answer, start date/time and end date/time are collected and saved. By entering prompts and receiving answers, you give consent for this information to be processed and used by Regal managers in any form we deemed appropriate.
10. RMC conversations will be reviewed by our technical team for further improving it.
11. By using this chatbot, you indicate your full acceptance and understanding of this disclaimer, including all risks, limitations, and terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer or Terms and Conditions, in whole or part, refrain from using the chatbot.

Copyright: The RMC was trained on propietary information relevant to Regal Managers, as such, all RMC responses to users’ queries are copyright by us, hence copy-and-paste of RMC responses are not authorized unless written permission is first granted by Regal Managers. 

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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